Homecoming 2009

Well it’s that time of year again …. Homecoming! I really love this stuff … truly …. I just love how happy Brie is … and wait until you see these pictures!!!! WOW …. she is surely becoming quite the young lady.

This year Brieanna went with a girlfriend of hers … So they went stag …. I was so proud of her … even after being asked by 3 different guys … she still went with Paige!!! They had a bladt but I’ll tell ya … we have never laughed so hard but at this photo shoot !!!! Thanks for the laughs !!!!!!!

Oh… for those of you that are thinking you’ve seen Paige before … well you have … she’s the one sporting the goggles below!!!!! LOL



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3 responses to “Homecoming 2009

  1. OMG! They are awesome pictures. Great job. And Brie, look out boys! She’s looks and attitude all the way. Love it!!!

  2. carrie cholley

    What great pictures! Absoluty gorgeous.

  3. Becky Thackston

    OMG she is beautiful!!!

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